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How to Plan a Home Inventory?

A home inventory is a record of all your possessions. In the process of moving things can sometimes get lost or damaged and in order to make an insurance claim you'll need an inventory list. True, it can be time-consuming but it will pay off in the long run.

Creating a household inventory list

The easiest way is to use a video camera; make sure you include all your possessions. It would also be helpful to mention how much you paid for each item. If you don't have a video camera you can always use a still camera instead. Take pictures and write the price of everything. Hold a ruler next to smaller items to help demonstrate their size. Finally, if you can't use any of the above two methods, create a written record of your belongings. Mark the make, model, and serial number information for each item. Don't forget to include the purchase price and year of purchase for all appliances and household goods.

Make sure to document the items in your garage, basement, porch, deck, attic and around outdoor areas like pools. Outdoor stuff like grills, bikes and tools often get stolen or go missing so it's nice to have a record of those.

How to store your inventory record

Once your inventory list is complete, make copies. Keep the original and give the copies to a relative you trust and/or to your insurance agent. Store your inventory list with your other important documents such as birth certificates and passports in a safe, fire-proof place. Update this list every year or after a major purchase. This list can be used in case of a theft or a natural disaster and can help recover your possessions so invest the time to ensure your goods are protected.
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