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Storage Long Island So you've got your movers booked, items tagged, and clothes packed. Everything is all ready for your next big move. Well, everything except knowing what to do with that great red couch in your basement that has no room in your new place, but has all the room it wants in your heart. You couldn't dream of throwing that gem away, nor could you imagine throwing away ten other boxes that still don't have a home in your new City place that's offering you less of a commute, but also less space. Storage units also come in handy during non-moving events. For example, perhaps you need some place to store larger items during renovations, interior design facelifts, or maybe your child is home from college for the season and needs a place to store his/her extra belongings.

This is where storage units become more than important. And lucky for you, Long Island is filled with a wide variety of storage choices that can help you de-clutter your home, or simply to act as the garage, attic, closet or basement that you may not necessarily have. Check out Long Island's wide array of climate controlled storage units, pod rentals, or self storage facilities by browsing through our easy to use directory.

Be sure to keep the following factors in mind when choosing the ideal storage option for you: How secure is the storage unit? What is the overall reputation of the storage company? Is the unit climate controlled? (This can affect certain types of wood stains and fabric coloring) Is the rental price reasonable? Happy Storage Hunting!

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