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Moving a Piano

Moving a piano is not an easy task. Not only are they very heavy but also awkwardly shaped and fragile. Their weight varies from about 300 to 1300 pounds. If possible, hire professional piano movers. They know how to safely get your piano to its new destination. An attempt to move it by someone inexperienced can result in damaging your house, the piano itself and a possible injury. What makes moving a piano so difficult is not just its weight but the delicateness of the inner mechanics and the outer cabinet.

Your first job is to take measurements and make sure the piano will fit in your new place. Imagine transporting it there only to realize there's no way to fit it inside.

If you hired a professional mover, there's pretty much nothing you have to do except to be present and supervise the process. They'll wrap the piano, secure it, load and transport it to your new location. When it arrives there, make sure the movers place it somewhere where it won't be subjected to major changes in temperature and drafts - away from heating ducts, windows and doors, as those can affect the piano's sound. Don't forget to ask about insurance - usually professional movers offer adequate insurance to cover any damages which may result from moving the piano.

If you decide to move the piano yourself follow these tips to ensure its (and your) safe arrival:
  • Get at least four-five people to help you - two at the front of the piano, two at the end, and one extra person to observe and direct.
  • Lock down the lid. Cover the piano with blankets and padding to prevent from scratching. Wrap in plastic if it's raining or humid outside.
  • In most cases you should secure the fragile internal parts of the piano as well.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles or slippery areas on your way.
  • Your helpers will need work gloves to protect their hands. Make sure they know the proper lifting techniques to avoid any back, neck and shoulder injuries.
  • Lift endways, not sideways.
  • Using a heavy-duty dolly will prevent from damaging the piano and your floors. If you can't get one, lift and move only a few inches at a time.
  • Be especially careful when rolling the piano over thresholds.
  • Remember, the piano can easily tip over as most of its weight is towards its back.
  • Some pianos have thin front legs so be careful not to strain them while moving on carpets or over bumps.
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