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A move is bound to happen at some point in our lives. Whether for professional or personal reasons, there comes a day when we need to pack our bags and take that crucial step. So if you've decided to move and don't know where to start, don't panic. These tips will help you get organized and make your home search as easy and stress-free as possible. And remember, it takes time and effort to find a great place so don't rush into any hasty decisions.
  • Know your budget - the first step towards finding a new home is knowing how much you can afford. Prepare your financial details, statements and proof of income. Check your credit score and history. Speak to a mortgage expert; inquire about home loan rates so you can get an idea about what you can spend.
  • Decide what you consider to be your perfect home - location, number of rooms and stories, size of yard and garage, how many bathrooms and bedrooms, etc.
  • Figure out how you'll be looking for a home - are you going to do most of the work and research yourself or hire a real estate agent? There are a lot of ways to search for a property - internet, newspapers, friends and relatives referrals. The best option, however, is hiring an agent. Real estate agents know the market and have the knowledge to get you a good bargain, saving you a great deal of time and frustration.
That being said, not all agents are the same so be careful not to end up with the wrong one. There is the sellers' agent who has a contract with the owner of the house and their aim is to get a good deal for the seller. That includes closing at the highest price possible therefore getting the highest commission. Then there is the dual agent who has a contract with the seller but at the same time wants to meet your needs too. And finally, the buyers' agent is interested in finding you the perfect home for your budget. They'll shop around for you and try to get you the best deal. Buyers' agents usually require a fee from you unless a deal is made with the sellers' agent to share the commission.
  • See as many homes as you can. Sure, it takes time and traveling but it will be all worth it once you find that perfect home at a great price. When you find a house you're interested in get an assessor - they'll give you an expert opinion on what the property is really worth.
  • Research, research, research. Before buying you'll need to know where you'll be living - learn as much as you can about the area, the neighborhood, crime rates, resell times, market values. These factors are just as important as the house itself.
Be patient and have realistic expectations as sometimes it might take longer to find the right place but being organized and prepared will pay off in the long run.

Here are some great places to get you started in your search for Long Island real estate:
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